The Ellipse range brings a highly modern and attractive look to Kennedy’s tried-and-tested robust and best in class service friendly washroom dispensers. The new design, with its pure and straight lines, an undulating wave shape suggesting fluidity and movement, a new Arctic white color, and a distinctive elliptic insert all come together to define the Ellipse range identity.

The Ellipse range has been designed to offer various customization options to suit a wide range of customer needs and tastes. The elliptic insert element will come in a range of different colors and graphics to open new visual possibilities on the classic range, whereas an exclusive metallic grey designer and a chrome plated premium finish will be available for the top end of the market.

The Ellipse range comprises two dispensers for cotton hand drying – Integra and the retractable Tekna; two dispensers for paper hand drying – Prima and Easyroll; four products for hand washing – Savona liquid and Savona foam soap dispensers both available in manual and automatic versions; three toilet tissue dispensers – Jumbo, Maxima and Sigma; a toilet seat sanitizing unit – the Seatsan foam dispenser; and two air fresheners – programmable SPA and battery-free Airplus.